About Mvumi Hospital


Serving the people of Dodoma Rural District


Mvumi Hospital is a church hospital situated in the village of Mvumi Mission in Central Tanzania and is run under the auspices of the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika. The hospital provides health care for the population of Dodoma Rural District. The hospital has about 280 beds where it provides care for all aspects of health care from malaria treatment and prevention to obstetric, gynaecology and eye services. In addition to its role in primary health care the hospital is also an important training institution providing training for nurses, midwives, clinical officers, laboratory technicians, and ophthalmic nurses and assistants.

Although conditions in Tanzania have undoubtedly improved over the last decade life expectancy is still relatively low at less than 52 years and with nearly 12% of children dying before the age of five years old and an infant mortality rate of about 7%*.  In Mvumi, which is one of the poorest parts of Tanzania, these numbers are likely to be significantly worse. This is one of the poorest regions in the world with an estimated "income" per capita of less than $400 U.S.

Mvumi Hospital is the only hospital in Dodoma Rural District and caters to the needs of over 400,000 people in an area where tropical diseases and malnutrition are endemic. Mvumi Mission has a population of about 10,000 people in 1996 but is growing rapidly and is probably closer to 15,000 in 2008 although the hospital has not grown in relation to the population. The town is situated 42 km south east of Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania, but its closeness to the capital belies the fact that this is still one of the poorest parts of the country and is accessible only by a dirt road.

In 2008 it was announced by the President of Tanzania that  Mvumi Hospital would become a Council Designated Hospital and this was implemented in 2009. The hospital still continues to be run by the diocese but the change in status has had a considerable impact on the funding and viability of the hospital. The government funding finance now pays for most of the wages of hospital staff and medicines, but does not pay for capital projects or equipment. Consequently the hospital is still financially dependent on the help of external donors to fund capital projects and to underpin its routine activities.

In the United Kingdom the work of Mvumi Hospital is supported by the Society of Friends of Mvumi Hospital (registered charity 289820). The Friends of Mvumi offer support for all aspects of the hospital’s work including repair and maintenance of the hospital and staff housing, salary subsidies to attract and retain key workers, capital building and equipment projects and staff sponsorship and training.

* Health and financial statistics from the United Nations World Population Prospects and US State Department.


The entrance to Mvumi Hospital outpatients following renovation work in 2008.

Mvumi Hospital nurses home.